Saturday, February 21, 2009


Red red red---
Happy Valentine's day
(too late? LOL)
❤ peace


Anonymous said...

hey sara, this is ur BEST friend!

finally u started to write blog again!

hows the life in thai??
hm... i miss u a lot sarachan.
but we still can talk through the hotmail or ur blog!! and we r tne best friend forever:D dont forget tht!

oh u know wht today i met my bf and we went to korean restaurant! the food in there was great! i hope we can go there and eat korean food together.
ppl who work in there are also korean as well:) i was so excited! haha i luf korean ppl too much♥♥
but i luf sara more~~ HAHA

"...KaThErIn..." ^_^ said...

the cat in the picture is my cat..hahaha...her name is spanihs..but in english is moon...its a nice cat...i like the pictures on your blog there are awesome!!!!1.....i would like to... (i dont kmow how to write it)...put some pictures like that in my blog....any you have facebook????......any way answer me leaving a coment in my blog...bye..
God bless you

Anonymous said...

หวัดดีจ้า ^^

นี่ยอเองน้า ฮี่ๆ

ยอกะชมภู่ ทำบล้อกไดอารี่กัน

"...KaThErIn..." ^_^ said...

hi!! i just send you the invitation???..hahaha..on facebook....bye